We are getting in touch to update you on how we are operating here at Lakeside Printing. We are delighted to say that we have been ahead of the curve in terms of planning, for COVID-19 meaning all our office-based team have been working remotely for some time.

We are pleased to say we’re able to maintain production capabilities with a skeleton staff. For larger, urgent jobs we will then be able to react quickly and call in additional production team members as required. Obviously, the Covid-19 outbreak is of paramount importance to the country currently, so please note our production scheduling department will be prioritising Covid-19 related safety work where necessary.

Our interpretation of the advice is that the government are keen for us to maintain production but want to minimise exposure, so we have scheduled non-overlapping shift teams to minimise cross infection and we’ve also ensured safe distancing procedures are fully operational. Subsequently, this might have a slight impact on lead times, alongside the supply of certain substrates. This is something we are happy to openly discuss and explain at the time of ordering.

We’re extremely proud of how quickly and efficiently we’ve been able to put in place our remote working plan. Our main telephone line is still operational but please feel free to share my mobile (07845 446350) with any of your colleagues, in the event you’re unable to get through!

I appreciate that times are difficult for everyone but, in view of the unprecedented support from the Government, we are expecting all customers to honour our payment terms on orders already fulfilled and those that will be delivered in the future. It’s our strong opinion that this honourable behaviour is what will be needed from all companies to minimise the economic impact of Covid-19.

Thanks in advance,

Paul Bashford